Saskatoon at Half a Million Residents?

If you haven’t already reviewed the City of Saskatoon’s long term growth plan, then it’s worth taking a look. It’s hard to imagine our city with 500,000 residents, but their projections show us getting there within 30 – 40 years. What will that mean for you, your real estate, and your quality of life? Well, with respect to Residential Real Estate (houses and condos), positive population growth is always a good thing for driving demand and keeping values up. If you own Real Estate, you would tend to want solid growth to help protect and grow your investment. So, for home owners population growth is generally good.

If you are a buyer of Real Estate, this should also be of interest. Especially if you plan to live in, and hold your property for the long-term. The plan does include new developments and suburbs. But, it also deals with redeveloping core neighborhoods. In fact, they are looking at housing 75,000 more residents in the Downtown, North Downtown, and University ares.

In terms of quality of life, they are using the right buzzwords – “Balanced and sustainable”. What does that really mean? The explanation is focused on better transit including a new bridge at 33rd Street, expanded bus service, and walkable  neighborhoods.

It looks like the public engagement sessions are closed and a plan will go to council in 2016. If you want some more info, there are some great videos and summaries here:

It’s exciting to think about how different Saskatoon will look, and how it will shape and change our neighborhoods, our lives, and our Real Estate.

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